बुधवार, 8 जुलाई 2009

Google set to battle Microsoft

GOOGLE is set for a fierce battle against bitter rival Microsoft after announcing plans to create a new computer operating system. The search engine will make its own version of the software brain that makes our PCs work, going head-to-head with the Windows systems currently used on hundreds of millions of machines worldwide. And Google promise security will be one of the key features of the software in a bid to do away with the need for separate virus blockers. It is also expected to be designed to ensure the internet is a faster place to navigate and make it easier to share content between friends and family. The Google Chrome Operating System follows on from the firm's Chrome internet browser released last year. That itself was designed to compete with the popular Internet Explorer made by Microsoft. The first Chrome OS will be for netbooks, the tiny laptops that have become increasingly popular on the high street. It is expected to be released in the second half of 2010. Currently these devices run either Windows XP or its current rival Linux.
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